#ChickenChallenge Awareness Campaign

To raise awareness of poverty in Glasgow we are challenging people to make 5 meals from one chicken over a week!

Glasgow Care Foundation helps people everyday that need the basics to survive - a bed, a carpet, a fridge etc This challenge is designed to make people think about how some people are living and how their small donations can make a massive difference.

Primarily also we are looking to use the #ChickenChallenge to raise awareness of the good work Glasgow Care Foundation does in Glasgow.

So how can you help?
Donate to the cause!
Take part in the challenge and raise awareness of the charity - If you are taking part - share your stories daily and tag others to take part!
Share the Challenge link for others!
Like our social media and spread the word.

This challenge will run until the 31st October and you can take part anytime - please share this link so we can collate all donations and it will go directly to the charity!

Some Helpful Sites:



More Info and Donation Page HERE

Glasgow Care Foundation

Glasgow Care Foundation