Help us Overcome Poverty in Glasgow

A little goes a long way, yes this is a well worn phrase that we know you've heard a million times. Well we make a lot of little donations go an awful long way by putting them to immediate good use. On average we use around two to three hundred pounds to help each household.

For two to three hundred pounds we can provide a needy family with a new cooker or washing machine, we can even provide a fridge, some bunkbeds for the kids or curtains. Could you live and function without these items? Do you take them for granted?

Now can you imagine how a small donation of £5 or £10 from you could be put towards these essential items for a family in poverty in Glasgow.

If you are able to be even more generous then your donation of £100 could make a life-changing difference to someone in need. Recently we were asked to help out a single gentleman who has no family and has suffered from mental health problems for many years, he is very isolated and lives alone.
He has recently been hospitalised, but is now well enough to return home.  However, before he can leave hospital, his home, which has been neglected for some time, requires to be decorated, flooring and furnishings replaced.

This gentleman is using his own savings to upgrade his home, but requires additional funding to help complete this process. We spent just over £100 to help this gentleman with decorating costs.

Please help us to lift as many Glasgow citizens out of poverty as we can, even a small donation of £10-£20 makes a huge difference.

We would also be very grateful if you are able to donate a small regular amount to support our work, please click on the Donate Now button to arrange this.

Glasgow Care Foundation

Glasgow Care Foundation